Unofficial Wynn Las Vegas Red Card FAQ

This page is based on a document grown on the Wynn Slots Tips & Tricks group on Facebook. Check that group out, or watch for future resources here on rsts11travel, regarding the game and its reward program.

Since the Wynn loyalty program (“Red Card”) is less documented online than other Vegas loyalty programs, we’ve gathered the following information to help you understand the program. This is entirely hearsay and individual reports. There is no useful info on the Red Card program on the Wynn website (as of January 2020), and we haven’t received any printed materials about the program. Use at your own risk.

You are not required to actively have a Red Card account or to use your card on site to take advantage of Wynn Slots rewards (as of 10/7/2019). Unlike MLife Rewards and Caesars Rewards, you only earn points on gambling. So no need (or reason) to present the card at retail or dining establishments.

A Red Card account is created for you upon first check-in to the hotel. You can also sign up online, but a first reward booking will still create a second account. The Red Card Desks in the Casino can merge these for you, and provide any formal/official/binding answers to your questions.

Wynn Insider is a program for discounted rates (up to 35%) and occasional email promos. It is likely tied to your Red Card account but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be any crossover. You’re more likely to get offers if you stay and play a lot.


You can sign up at, at the Red Card Desks on the Casino floor, or automatically on first check-in. You can only get a card in person at the Red Card Desks though.


For video slots, you earn 1 point for every US$1.50 you bet. This means US$1500 of spins/bets earns you 1000 points.

For video poker some games are 1 point for every $6, while others are $15.Video Blackjack is reported to not earn points at all; blackjack on the Video Poker and Video Keno machines may earn points. Video Roulette also is reported to not earn points.

Table games are rated differently. We don’t have any info on them.


You may convert points to freecredit (a.k.a. freeplay) at a rate of one cent per point, with a minimum redemption of $10.00 (1000 points). Wynn freecredit can be applied to your room charges. It expires after 30 days.Points that are not converted expire after 12 months of inactivity.

This isn’t a redemption per se, but there are reports that if you earn 1500 points in a day you qualify for a line pass for the buffets. Check at the Red Card Desk.


For new players, you have 72 hours from first play with your card in a machine (or at a table) to earn one or more promotions. You must return to the Red Card Desk to redeem these promotions.

  1. 300 points (or 2 hours of table games) – free spin on the prize wheel for something between $10 FREECREDIT (free casino play in select machines) and a VIP Le Reve experience.
  2. 750 points – two free buffets
  3. 1350 points – another two free buffets

If you signed up or already have a Red Card but have not gambled with it, the timer is reported to start when you first gamble.


If you have any concrete details about the Red Card program, please share in the comments or in the Facebook group.

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