About rsts11travel

Welcome to RSTS11 Travel. Founded by rsts11’s Robert Novak at the very end of 2016, we will be bringing our adventures, discoveries, and recommendations for business and personal travel to you.

We’ll be covering a mix of topics from loyalty programs, getting the best results from your travel searches, powering your technology on the go, and caffeinating yourself wherever you are.

What’s a rsts11?

Six years ago, Robert Novak started blogging on WordPress on technical topics. Stephen Foskett is probably partly to blame for this. In the search for a more interesting name than “Robert Novak’s blog,” Robert thought back to his first structured programming/computer science coursework, which was done on a PDP-11/44 microcomputer from Digital. RSTS/11 was an operating system for that platform, and stands for Resource Sharing/Time Sharing, which also played into the idea of system administration, server building and management, home labs, and more when the blog began in (20)11. 

Robert decided not to search for a much more interesting name this time around, so just added “travel” to the subsection of the rsts11 blog that covered travel. So there you have it. Rsts11travel. 

A word about finances and interactions:

We will occasionally use affiliate or referral links, and when you purchase through those links, we may receive a bonus, a commission, or other consideration which we will then plow back into our travel budget to share even more with you in the future.

RSTS11 Travel is not a travel agency, seller or broker of travel services, or anything of the sort. If we ever get a really cool logo or motto, we might sell some tee shirts and laptop bags, but until then, we don’t sell anything at all.

Your comments are welcome on any post on the site of course, and we have a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account in case you’d like to take the conversation a bit more public. New posts will generally be announced in both places, and followers of the blog here on WordPress.com will get notifications as well.

Photo credit policy:

Most posts will include photo credits and, where appropriate, links to the original source and/or licensing information. We’ve been using Pixabay’s public domain community for some of our featured photos, and appreciate their service. Photos taken by Robert Novak or his travel companions are copyrighted and will be noted as such in the footer of the post.

Logos and legends from companies and locations we discuss may be used for purposes of identification only, under good-faith fair use considerations, and should not be interpreted to imply any association, affiliation, or endorsement in either direction unless explicitly stated as such.

If you find an image on this site that you hold rights to and wish to have removed, use the Contact Us page following any pertinent statutory requirements, and we will strive to accommodate your request as soon as possible.

Quick privacy policy:

We do not intend to collect any personal, private, or regulated information from our readers as a matter of course. If you interact with our site, you may share personal information with us in ways that should be obvious to anyone on the Internet.

WordPress provides us with country information for blog visits, in the aggregate. Your comments will generally be identified with whatever information you provide to make a comment, whether a social media link or a WordPress account, and that information will likely be public until the heat death of the universe thanks to the nature of the Internet.

Any contact with us through this site, social media or our Contact Us page will come to us and be available to us, and may be made public at any time for any reason without any remuneration or recourse to the submitter. If you have confidentiality or embargo considerations, state them at the beginning of your message.

If you sign up for and win a giveaway that we manage ourselves, we’ll of course need a mailing address and phone number to ship your prize. If you use affiliate links or partner sites, including Amazon giveaways, their privacy and other policies will apply to any interactions with them.

We may receive compensation for affiliate links or promotions, and will strive to inform you of any cases where this may be the case. We appreciate your support whether indirectly financial or otherwise.