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The team behind rsts11travel, primarily Robert Novak, produces this blog as a side effort. We don’t make a living, a profit, or even any noticeable financial result from it. We don’t base our coverage on promotions or financial benefit–it’s what we’ve found interesting and useful and think you will too.

However, if you find the site useful and helpful, we are okay with you showing your support in a method that might result in a slightly heavier travel bag for our next trips.

  • Sign up for Clear – you get two months free, and so do we. Then go add your Delta SkyMiles number for a discounted renewal rate.
  • Apply for FoundersCard membership – get a $395 rate (normally $595) and we get a referral credit toward renewal or gift cards. See our upcoming blog post to see why this is a pretty good price, although they do sometimes have slightly better offers.
  • Sign up for Caesars Entertainment’s Caesars Rewards loyalty program. If fifty of you sign up every year, we’ll get into the lounges for free again 🙂
  • Join ebates – we’ve been surprised with how many sites offered a (delayed) cashback through this site. Very useful for holiday shopping.
  • Try Plastiq – use with caution, as the fees for this service are noticeable… but if you need to meet minimum spend for a credit card promo, or if the dog ate your checkbook, you can use a credit or debit card to pay almost any bill that accepts checks by mail.
  • Sign up for Uber (DHOJV) or Lyft (RSTS11TRAVEL). you get a bit of credit, we get a bit of credit, and everyone’s happy. Note that if you’re in Las Vegas, the card handouts are often a better deal, but make sure it’s a Lyft card you’re getting, not the adult entertainment cards.

We also have some credit card referral options as individuals, so if you’re considering, for example, an American Express Platinum card, write in to rsts11travel at gmail and ask and we’ll send you a referral.

We’ll have some other options here, and whenever we get some benefit from a link on a post, we’ll do our best to disclose that (check the bottom of the post if you’re curious).

Updated: 2019-06-03