Quick Take: Amex Centurion Lounge temporary closures coming soon to LAS, MIA, SEA

For our lounging hour, the American Express Centurion Lounge is the place to be while waiting for a flight at any airport that has such a lounge. It’s even worth an extra security screening at SFO, if you can believe it.

Last year, the DFW lounge closed for a few months and relocated. You can read a review of the new lounge here at The Points Guy.

Well, in an effort to modernize and expand offerings in more locations, American Express will be closing their locations at Las Vegas (our most frequent Centurion Lounge) and Miami.

What are the closures?

American Express announced that their Miami location will close on January 14, 2019, for “a short period” to “upgrade and expand the space.” They remind that you can use the Delta Sky Club if flying Delta, or use Priority Pass otherwise (enrollment required, of course).

They will also be closing Las Vegas as of the same date for a “short period” to “renovate and improve the space.”

A short closure with the same phrasing as Las Vegas is also announced for Seattle, coming in March.

How can I get my lounge fix?

The American Express Lounge Collection includes several other networks not operated by Amex, so you won’t be lost or gatebound if you have a layover or an extra hour or two at these airports.

For Las Vegas, you have two options:

  • Club at LAS (Priority Pass lounge) in Terminal 3, Concourse E, gate E2
  • Club at LAS (Priority Pass lounge) in Concourse D, gate D16

For Miami, there are seven locations available across the airport:

  • Global Lounge’s Avianca Sala VIP in South Terminal, Concourse J
  • Air Margaritaville (Priority Pass restaurant) in Central Terminal, Concourse E
  • Corona Beach House (Priority Pass restaurant,) in North Terminal, Concourse D
  • Club America (Priority Pass lounge) in Central Terminal, Concourse F
  • Viena (Priority Pass restaurant) in Central Terminal, Concourse E
  • LATAM Lounge (Priority Pass lounge, limited hours) in South Terminal, Concourse J
  • Delta Sky Club (when flying Delta) in South Terminal, Concourse H

When the Seattle closure comes in March, you have four alternatives:

  • Delta Sky Club (when flying Delta) in Concourse A, Gate A1
  • Delta Sky Club (when flying Delta) in South Satellite, Gate S9
  • The Club at SEA (Priority Pass lounge) in Concourse A, Gate A11
  • The Club at SEA (Priority Pass lounge) in South Satellite, Gate S9

The Priority Pass restaurants above offer a credit per Priority Pass guest ($28 for Viena and Air Margaritaville, $30 for Corona Beach House). Remember that you should tip based on the regular price, not just what you spend over that amount.

If you are using a Priority Pass venue, be sure to register for Priority Pass through the American Express site or mobile app. You’ll want to do this before leaving on your trip, if you haven’t already; we’ve seen a number of people trying to get registered at the last minute, and you don’t want to be stuck without lounge access if you can avoid it.

You can use the Amex app to find any lounges you’re eligible to visit in a given airport, although we’d also recommend you use the Priority Pass app with its digital membership card, so you don’t have another plastic card to carry around.

I don’t have a Platinum card, what do I do?

The options above are aimed at Platinum and Centurion cardmembers since this post is about the Centurion Lounge.

Several other credit cards offer Priority Pass, including Chase Sapphire Reserve, Ritz-Carlton Rewards from Chase (no longer available), Hilton Honors Ascend from Amex, SPG Luxury from Amex, and US Bank Altitude Reserve.

Priority Pass direct memberships, as of January 12, 2019

You can also purchase a membership without a participating card, directly from the Priority Pass website. These options do not include free guests, while the card-associated memberships offer at least 2 guests per member for free. You may find that the restaurant options aren’t a great deal if you have to pay for the visits, but it may vary (and if the member visit is free, you still save some money).




Mini-trip-report: Campanile, a new Priority Pass “lounge” at LAX

Update: The logistics of Priority Pass remain the same, but as of November 2018, Priority Pass has removed Campanile and Barney’s Beanery from the program at LAX, and added the Rock & Brews sports bar in Terminal 1 (not the one in Terminal 5).  You can also still use PF Chang’s in the International Terminal, as well as Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, and Alaska Airlines lounges. Always check the Priority Pass app or the website before traveling, and remember that properties can change without notice.

Welcome back to rsts11travel.

Those of you who have premium credit cards (like American Express Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and others) probably know about Priority Pass, a network of lounges around the world that you can get access to, either free or at a nominal fee of $27 per guest depending on your membership and number of guests.

See also: The Points Guy’s “All About Priority Pass

For the few years I’ve been traveling heavily, I have not used Priority Pass benefits, since most airports I visit have either a Centurion Lounge (access via Amex Platinum) or an Admirals Club lounge (access via Citi AA Executive). The Priority Pass lounges have often been reported as crowded, less impressive than Centurion/AA/Delta options, and more likely to restrict Priority Pass access.

Well, Priority Pass noticed, apparently, and started to partner with non-lounges in some busy destinations. In addition to a few Minute Suite options at smaller airports, there are almost 30 restaurant partners in the US as of this writing, and you can use your lounge visit privilege in the form of a $28 credit at any of these restaurants simply by showing your Priority Pass card (or mobile app).

A bit over a week ago, Priority Pass added Campanile, a self-described “fine dining” establishment in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 4. We had the opportunity to try it twice this past weekend, once for breakfast and once for dinner. LAX also has PF Chang and Barney’s Beanery under Priority Pass, and three Admirals Club lounges (including a small one in the Regional Terminal for people connecting within California), and a Centurion Lounge is coming in 2019.  Continue reading “Mini-trip-report: Campanile, a new Priority Pass “lounge” at LAX”