Happy holidays from rsts11travel, and a quick offer from FoundersCard

Update for 2018: The FoundersCard $295 promo is no longer available, as noted below, but you should be able to get the $395/year rate going forward. 

Happy December, everyone. Robert Novak from rsts11travel here.

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of rsts11travel as its own site. It’s been a good travel year, but things have slowed for my work travel, and most of the personal travel also sloped down after June. So the last couple of months have been lighter, and I expect that to continue until February 2018.

I keep an eye out for travel deals and concerns to share, as you’ve seen in the past year, and if anything particularly interesting comes up, I’ll get a newsflash posted here. Feel free to subscribe here on WordPress, or follow the site on Facebook and Twitter, for updates when they happen.

I do have a deal to share, and it makes me very happy to have it to offer.

Great deal on FoundersCard membership through my link

As some of you who’ve asked privately will remember, I offer my FoundersCard referral code on our support page and privately, but have suggested you wait for a better offer than the usual referral you get through my link. I don’t think I get any FCPoints if you do that, but I’d rather you get the best deal even if I just get a nod.

Well, FoundersCard reached out today and said that, through the end of December 2017 (December 29, actually), if you sign up through my referral link, you’ll get the $295/year “charter” rate.

That’s pretty cool.

If you have a significant other, you can add that person at a one-time lifetime (as long as your membership is active) rate of $395, after you sign up.

You can sign up at https://founderscard.com/membership?code=FCROBERT190 or through the other links around here. They all go the same place, although the annual rate will most likely go back up on New Year’s Day 2018.

To be honest, if I controlled all of my travel (rather than having corporate travel restrictions for the day job), I would easily be making up the $595 “full price” rate on FoundersCard, but between a few discounts here and there and the Caesars Total Rewards Diamond status, I’m still way ahead after three years of my own membership plus the significant other add-on.

If you do sign up through my referral link here, or on the support rsts11travel page, I get a small pile of FCPoints which can be applied toward membership renewal next year, or for gift cards when a few more people join.

And even if you’re not up for this, you can help fund some of the acquisitions and experiments I take on for the blog… just head over to the support rsts11travel page and check out the links there.

As Bartles & Jaymes said, thanks for your support.

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