Travel Quickie: Status Match for Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Total Rewards

We saw this mentioned on Doctor of Credit over the weekend… while Starwood Preferred is no longer a Caesars Entertainment partner, you now have the option to pair up Wyndham Rewards with Total Rewards, getting a status match in whichever direction makes the most sense for you.

It wasn’t entirely clear where to set this up, in Total Rewards or in Wyndham Rewards, but a quick Google site search found the portal page. From here you can see what benefits and matches apply today, and start the status match in whichever direction you choose.

The Wyndham and Caesars Families

201706 wyndham brands

Wyndham has grown in the last 20 years, not surprisingly, but you may see some brands here that you wouldn’t associate with them. For Total Rewards members with status, you’ll see opportunities for premium treatment at some of these brands with your status match.

201706 total rewards brands via wyndham

Total Rewards brands are pretty well known to readers of this blog, but if you are a Wyndham aficionado considering a premium Vegas experience, here are your brands to consider. There are some locations outside Las Vegas, but most of your opportunities are between Paris and Harrah’s on the Strip.

Make it happen!

When you go to the link above, scroll down until you see the following choice.

201706 status match wyndham caesars

For matching to Wyndham status we logged in to Wyndham (after a password reset) before using the link, and clicked on the “I’m a Total Rewards Member.” We entered the TR member number, birthday, and zip code, seeing a note that we’d hear back within 24-48 hours. When the form was submitted, we got this on our Wyndham Rewards account portal:


So, under ten seconds counts as “within 24-48 hours” for us. It seems reasonable to expect that the match in the opposite direction–if you’re Wyndham Platinum or Diamond–would work similarly, although we can’t say if it will be quite that fast.

Wyndham’s status year matches the calendar year, so you’ll want to set a calendar reminder to re-match on January 1 or sometime soon after that. If you match the other way around, be sure to re-match when your Total Rewards status renews (for us it’s the end of January).

How will this new partnership affect your travel choices going forward? And how have you found Wyndham Rewards benefits across the brand family? Share your thoughts in the comments, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Disclosure: While we are members of both Wyndham and Total Rewards programs, we get no financial or other consideration if you choose to join their programs, match status, or stay at either property. If you’d like to help us get some financial consideration, consider using our Amazon affiliate links, like this one.

Images from the Wyndham website. Trademarks are property of their owners, and do not imply or represent endorsement or affiliation in any way.

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