Eight days in Burger-town with Gordon Ramsay Burger, Michael Mina Pub 1842, Fleur by Hubert Keller, Nom Burger, and more

In the past eight days we’ve dined on burgers six times. This is about four more than our usual weekly burger quota, but a week in Las Vegas warrants some exploration. Let’s take a look around the week of burgers.

In This Post:

  • Gordon Ramsay Burger, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas (Total Rewards)
  • Michael Mina Pub 1842, MGM Grand, Las Vegas (MLife Rewards)
  • Fleur by Hubert Keller, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas (MLife Rewards)
  • Gordon Ramsay Burger, again
  • Nom Burger, Downtown Sunnyvale, California
  • Jack In The Box, San Jose, California

Prices listed are modest estimates; you can spend a bit less or a whole lot more at any of the venues.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

We wrote about Gordon Ramsay Burger a few weeks ago, having eaten here several dozen times since they opened in 2012. If you’ve watched Gordon on television and wanted to get inside one of his actual non-television kitchens, this is probably the closest you will get. Literally.

2017-05-13 19.18.27Ask for a seat at the kitchen counter and watch the food happen before your eyes. And if you’ve been there between 2012-2016, go back (as if I had to tell you); they’ve added the “e’ to BurGR and shaken up the menu quite a bit.

2017-05-13 19.06.02Saturday night, I ate here at the counter, as I have many times before. With the revised menu as of March, there’s no more Gordon Burger or Euro Burger on the menu, so I tried the Forest Burger which features tremor cheese, seasonal forest mushrooms, arugula, and duck bacon. I had the Caribbean Breeze, Burger’s primary rum cocktail, as none of the beers jumped out at me. The dessert menu has been changed up as well, and I chose the oreo creme brulee milkshake for the walk back to my hotel.

For Burger, expect to pay about $30-40 for your burger, side, and a beer.

Michael Mina Pub 1842

2017-05-14 18.36.39Sunday afternoon I decided to stay close to MGM Grand, so I had a burger and a beer at Michael Mina’s Pub 1842 in the District at MGM.

The beer was Toolbox’s “Bog Sauce” berry weisse from California, in a generous 17oz pour. Frickles, a fried pickle wedge with spicy sauce, warmed my palate up for the Bacon Burger with bacon jam, bacon, Gouda and American cheese, and their special sauce. dontpanic_1024Kinda reminds me of the “Don’t Panic” guy from Hitchhiker’s Guide, now that I look at the photo.

For a starter, burger, and regular beer, expect to pay about $40. Some specialty beers may add a few bucks to that.

Fleur by Hubert Keller

Monday night after the first day of Interop, I wandered down to Mandalay Bay for Fleur by Hubert Keller. Keller is also responsible for Burger Bar in the shoppes at Mandalay, which is a bit more low-key with gourmet burgers and amazing milkshakes (with and without alcohol); the bison burger is our favorite, as is the Nutella shake.

2017-05-15 19.07.06Having talked about the Fleur Burger 5000 (a $5,000 selection that features the signature Fleur Burger paired with an extremely expensive bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus), I decided to go a little bit farther down the Mandalay stretch.

I chose the regular Fleur Burger, taking into account my palate and my budget. At $38 it was still a premium item, but well worth it, with wagyu beef, grilled abalone mushroom, caramelized onion, and cheese (optional) on a brioche bun with fried fingerling potatoes.

We’ve already spilled the beans on the price here; with a starter, Fleur Burger, cocktail, and coffee, we were upwards of $60.

Gordon Ramsay Burger again

2017-05-18 20.58.36Thursday night I joined some fellow Interop-goers for dinner at Gordon Ramsay Burger again, this time sharing onion rings, truffle fries, and curry fries with the table and having a Blue Cheeseburger with blue and manchego cheese, arugula, figgy jam, and spicy mayo. The drink of the day was Ruby’s Kiss, with ruby red grapefruit vodka, Aperol, sweet and sour mix, and rock candy syrup. Dessert was the blood orange creamsicle, which I’d tried and loved on the Buffett visit.

Again, the budget here is around $40; we ended up about $50 each with the shared sides and the range of burgers.

Nom Burger, Sunnyvale CA

This relatively recent addition to the Silicon valley food scene has been a weekly dining location for us for nearly two years now–think Cheers, with better beer and less Ted Danson. With locally sourced ingredients, regular treats and monthly special burgers, and a diverse craft beer (and wine) selection on tap, it’s impossible to go wrong with Nom Burger unless you’re a vegetarian who hates mushrooms as well.

2017-05-19 19.49.01I missed the 21st Amendment tap takeover event by one day, but arrived here Friday night to find their Blood Orange Live free or die IPA freshly tapped, so I enjoyed a pint along with the #DATEGGDOE burger, also known as the Hashtag burger. With pancetta and garlic aioli on Nom’s typical all-natural beef patty, you’d almost take it as an ordinary gourmet burger until you take the cheese-covered fried egg into account. (The top of the bun is behind the burger in this photo.)

These burgers are likely to impress any carnivore, but they will be messy, so consider the spring greens option if you’re trying to impress a date with your eating practices. Chili cheese potato pinwheels (also pictured here) and the loaded tater tots made for a great side although we brought most of them home with us. And alas, we’ve rarely had dessert here, because most of the burgers are more than a meal in themselves.

A burger, starter or side potato, and a beer will run you around $30-40 depending on your choices.

Jack in the Box. Seriously.

We include this one primarily to show that we’re not complete burger snobs. the ultimate bacon cheeseburger is definitely their ultimate one, but it can’t compare to the other options above except in terms of proximity to our weekend shopping locations.

A burger, fries, and soft drink will run you less than $10, in case you were wondering and haven’t been to a fast food location in decades. It is more of a meal than any of the other venues could offer for $10, though, and sometimes you just want something to eat in the car between shopping stops.

Where do we go from here?

This is just a highlight reel of burger venues in Las Vegas, as well as our favorite local in Silicon Valley. It’s not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination.

If you head to the other end of the Las Vegas strip, we can’t recommend B&B Burger & Beer by Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali, at the Venetian, highly enough. Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar at the LINQ is an overdose of food that’s too much for a solo diner but great for small groups. And for the parrothead in you, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville bar and cafe at the Flamingo is worth a visit, with plentiful boat drinks and late night live music.

If you’re a tourist looking for emotional favorites on a budget, you can find White Castle, Shake Shack, and In-n-Out Burger along the strip as well. But to be fair, you can do so much better if you look around a bit.

What are your burger faves in Las Vegas, or even in your neck of the woods? Share in the comments, or join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: All photos are by Robert Novak (C)2017, taken in the past week. All opinions are our own, and none of the venues or celebrity chefs mentioned have reviewed, endorsed, or offered any consideration for this post. We’d love to meet them and have a beer or burger with each of them, but this was entirely out of our own funds and motivations.

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