Happy Anniversary to #rsts11travel

Greetings, readers.

A year ago today, rsts11travel spun off of the main rsts11 blog. Between that New Year’s Eve welcome post and today, 32 posts have come up on the blog, with an unsurprising focus on Las Vegas travel and benefits/loyalty programs. But there’s been more than that.

We brought you trip reports from Washington DC, Beverly Hills/Hollywood California, and three Las Vegas adventures with Jimmy Buffett, Gordon Ramsay, and the Burgers of Las Vegas.

We looked at Internet on the Road in a two part (1, 2) crossover feature with rsts11. We helped you save up to $179 a year on your CLEAR membership. And we helped you make your conference stay in Vegas a bit more comfortable.

In the year ahead, we’ll continue to carry loyalty program news, especially when it’s of particular interest to us (we can’t cover all the programs, but we’ll try to help you with the main ones). As new travel and caffeine technology comes out, we’ll be watching and writing about that as well.

A few of you have helped support our reviews by buying through our Amazon Affiliate links, and for that we thank you. We have a number of other ways that you can thank us for our coverage, over on the support page. Every little bit helps.

If there’s a topic or focus you’d be interested in seeing, or seeing more of, in 2018, let us know in the comments. And remember that you can join the conversation on Facebook at facebook.com/rsts11travel or on Twitter @rsts11travel (Facebook may get a more timely interaction).

Safe travels… we’ll see you in 2018.

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